Building Bigger: 54 Humans in One 8-meter Gravitics Module

January 24, 2024

Building Bigger: 54 Humans in One 8-meter Gravitics Module

Marysville, WA - January 24th, 2024 - Gravitics, Inc., an aerospace manufacturing company, demonstrated that it can fit 54 people, with room to spare, inside its 8-meter “StarMax” module mockup. The exhibit, a 1:1 scale space station module cutaway, is a tangible example of Gravitics’ vision for large and efficient space environments. The 8-meter mockup enables engineers, businesses, and researchers to plan for and visualize new opportunities for valuable activity in space.

A single Gravitics 8-meter module provides roughly half of the entire usable volume of the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS spans 109-meters and is currently operating with 16 pressurized modules that can support a crew of up to 7 astronauts for long-duration missions. The Gravitics 8-meter module illustrates why it will become a key building block for the next generation of space stations, holding 54 people within its hull only using “ground floor” volume.

  Largest interior volume in a standalone spacecraft, ever. Human shown for scale, plus 53 more

While Gravitics continues to push the boundaries of space station development, the company remains committed to working together with the community and industry partners to ensure a sustainable and collaborative future both on and off Earth. As a part of these efforts, Gravitics regularly hosts visitors at their spacecraft design and manufacturing facility in Washington state.

Notable recent visitors include Congressman Rick Larsen, Deputy Associate Administrator of NASA Casey Swails, White House Space Policy Leaders, and additional representatives from Congress, Washington State, aerospace advocacy groups, and numerous prominent commercial space companies. Thank you to all visitors for helping support a commercial space station enabled future.

Casey Swails, NASA and Jiral Shah, Gravitics watch a live thruster firing

Congressman Rick Larsen viewing Gravitics MMOD shielding ballistic test articles

Washington State Representative Chris Stearns inside an 8-meter primary structure prototype

Here's a closer look at the Gravitics 8-meter module mockup:

About Gravitics, Inc.
Founded in 2021, Gravitics, Inc. is an aerospace company that designs and manufactures large space structures, including pressurized space station modules–the building blocks for scalable space platforms. Gravitics is enabling a new era in human and robotic utilization of low Earth orbit and beyond.