Gravitics to Build Space Infrastructure for Commercial Space Station

July 9, 2024

Gravitics to Build Space Infrastructure for Commercial Space Station

Gravitics, Inc. announced today that it has been awarded a $125-million contract by Axiom Space to provide a pressurized spacecraft that will support Axiom Station operations. The Gravitics spacecraft will play a utility role and will be capable of providing various services while attached to the commercial space station.

“Axiom Space and Gravitics are working together to develop space infrastructure to enable a sustainable global space economy in low-Earth orbit,” said Matt Ondler, President of Axiom Space. “Our next-gen platform, Axiom Station, will provide new pathways to space for traditional space users and non-traditional industries. We are expanding commercial opportunities in space, from in-space manufacturing to technology demonstrations to research and innovative solutions that will advance civilization.”

Axiom Space is a leader in the commercial space industry. As NASA plans to retire the International Space Station near the end of the decade, commercial space stations will become humanity’s destination for activities on orbit. Axiom Station is positioned to be the most advanced platform in low-Earth orbit and will enable the development of numerous industries using techniques that are available only in microgravity.

Gravitics is developing spacecraft technology for a variety of space applications, with key customers including Axiom Space and the U.S. Space Force. The company offers 4-meter diameter spacecraft sized for today’s launch vehicles and larger options that will be enabled as new launch vehicles come online, like SpaceX’s Starship.

PropulsionTest Firing at Gravitics' Washington Facility. The company continues to mature several subsystems as part of spacecraft development including propulsion, primary structure, shielding, flight software, and power systems.

“Gravitics is building a common set of products to support both commercial and national security needs,” said Gravitics’ CEO, Colin Doughan. “We combine next-gen products with competitive prices and reduced time to market. Customers consider this a winning combination. We look forward to a very productive partnership with Axiom Space."

About Gravitics, Inc.

Founded in 2021, Gravitics, Inc. is an aerospace company that designs and manufactures large space structures, including pressurized space station modules–the building blocks for scalable space platforms. Gravitics is enabling a new era in human and robotic utilization of low-Earth orbit and beyond. To learn more, visit