StarMax: The Ultimate
Building Block

8 meter module

Largest interior volume in a standalone spacecraft. Ever.

Unprecedented volume and safety factor positions StarMax to be a key building block in a new era in Spaceflight.

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Humans need large living spaces.

We add 400 m³ cubic meters of space real estate with each new StarMax.

Flexible Configurations

StarMax is the right tool for the job.

Interfacing Options

Gravitics Docking System
Gravitics CBM

MMOD Shielding

Our proprietary spacecraft shell

Customizable Windows

With Retractable MMOD Shades

It's A Game Changer

400m³ of Internal
Infinitely Configurable with
Internal and External
Mounting points
Highest Safety Factor of
Any Human Rated
Rigid Body Allows Setup
and Testing Before