Components & Subsystems

Space Batteries

For Flexible
Load Profiles

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Gravitics batteries enable flexible and demanding client load profiles, emphasizing high-power and long life applications, either as  the main battery of a spacecraft or as a distributed node supporting high-current payloads.

Propellant Tanks

Modular, Scalable, Customizable

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Gravitics propellant tanks are designed to accommodate a range of fuel mixtures and vehicle mass requirements in both spherical and cylindrical form factors. Tanks undergo comprehensive testing, exceeding NASA standards to ensure safe, long-term operation while on orbit.


Proprietary Gas-Gas Reliability & Versatility

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Gravitics Thrusters operate in multiple modes, providing high thrust for extended orbit change maneuvers as well as precision pulsing for attitude control, proximity operations, and docking. They are powered by non-toxic gaseous propellants, simplifying operations both on the ground and in orbit.


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